The mission of the Coven of the Standing Stones is to continue to be a Family Coven that supports and educates its members thus giving us strength and courage for ourselves and to lend to the Pagan Community. To do this with family, public and private worship; the building of family spirituality; teaching ourselves and the community the ways of the God and the Goddess through instruction and example and by adhering to the Wiccan Rede "An it Harm None, Do as Ye Will".

Oh Great Spirit

Oh Great Spirit

Earth, Sun, Sky and Sea

You are inside and all around me

The Cowan Song by Tzipora

Let me tell you a story of a cowan one night

Who went to a circle with eyes wide and bright

The circle was opened, the lady’s light shone

Our friend gently smiled and knew he was home



Ekko ekko Ar-a-adia

Ekko ekko Hecate Freya

We’ll teach your children year after year

To love with their hearts, live without fear


The priestess walked over, lifted his head

Gazed into his eyes, still no words were said

He opened his hands, said “I know not much..”

The priestess laughed lightly

Freedom – 3rd verse by Culan

I can no more be bound than a hawk in flight

And I am the fire that burns through the night

And I am the shaking and the quaking of the earth

And I am the water of the worlds rebirth


I am freedom (4x)


I am no more contained than the waves on the sea

I cannot be changed because I must be free

And I am the fire that burns in all things

The bell that tolls with freedoms call

Shake when you hear me ring


I am freedom (4x)


I will no longer stand to watch my brothers fall

Cauldron of Changes

Cauldron of changes

Blossom of bone

Arc of eternity

Hole in the stone



Did you pursue it?

What was the price?

What was the mystery growing inside?

Deep in the cauldron

Something takes form

Shifting and changing

What will be born?

She Will Bring the Buds In the Spring

She will bring the buds in the spring

And laugh among the flowers

In summers heat are her kisses sweet

She sings in leafy bowers

She cuts the cane and gathers the grain

When fruits of fall surround her

Her bones grow old in wintery cold

She wraps her cloak around her

Spider Women/She Changes

See the old woman who weaves the night sky

See how she spins, watch her fingers fly

She is with is, beginning to end

Our Grandmother, our Sister, our Friend

She is the weaver and we are the web

She is the needle and we are the thread


She changes everything she touches and

Everything she touches changes

She changes everything she touches and

Everything she touches changes


Turn, turn, the wheel turns

Once more we are changing

Turn, turn, the wheel turns

Once more we are the same

Full Moon Shining Bright

Full moon shining bright

Midnight on the waters

Oh Aradia!

Diana’s silver daughter


New moon, dark of night

Old world passing

Oh Hecate!

Return for your asking

Snake Woman

Snake Woman shedding her skin

Shedding, shedding, shedding her skin


Bird Woman taking flight…

Star Woman shining bright…

Moon Woman riding night…

Blossom Woman opening wide…

Snake Woman…

Ancient Crones of Wisdom

Ancient crones of wisdom, Hecate, Cerridwen

Wise ones, come to us.

Horned One

Horned One, lover, son

Leaper in the corn

Deep in the Mother

Die and be reborn


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