A Samhain Saga by Mel Bushell

Months of sadness followed Tim,

The years had taken his wife from him,

As each moon passed him by,

He gave his thanks with a tear in his eye.

To Goddess, God, and Elements,

With offerings, prayers and incense,

From his garden at his home,

His Faith kept him from feeling alone.

The Goddess whispered “Don’t despair!

We’ll thin the veil between here and there.”

“You know the Night” The Horned God said,

Chewing on the ritual bread.

The October Night came,

And Tim stood before the candle flames,

The Autumn air shimmered with his words,

And soon before him stood a door.

The oaken panel swung open with groan,

Tim heard a voice creaky like a moan,

“Step closer to the portal”,

And when he did, “Enter, Mortal”.

A robed figure stood before him and had Tim’s eyes fixed,

Until he raised a finger and pointed “Behold! The River Styx!”

“Beside my barge, on the jetty,

There you will find your wife, Betty.”

Tim started to walk and then he ran,

He was rushing to his Love as fast as he can,

Betty was standing with a smile on her face,

Watching her husband race.

Tim called out, as he got quite near,

“How are you? Do they treat you well, my dear?”

He could see her clearly, he face wasn’t long,

“Oh, yes Tim, I’m where I belong.”

“Are you doing the washing?

Using coupons with the shopping?

Remembering to put out the trash?

You always were so rash!”

Tim’s face was full of wonder,

Hades spoke with a voice like thunder,

“Tim, Seize the Day! Diem Carpe,

Your beloved wife was always a Harpy!”

Faced with realization, Tim turned and fled,

The horror was not speaking with the dead,

But not making the most of his life,

And for that he would now always thank his wife!