"The Whole of Me" by Elowen GreyWolf

I know not what path I follow
It is the one deep within
It calls to be in the dark of the night
It sooths me in the brightness of the day

When I reach for it - to hold it and give it a name
It slips away, elusive as the misty rain
I want to name it so that I can explain myself
So, that when someone says what do you do
I can say I am this to you

However, when I try to label it
It fades....

The time I spend trying to see what it is
I miss being what I am
For my path is me

It is the heart that beats within
It is the love that leaps and out of control spins
It is being one with the storm
It is standing barefoot around the cauldron in the snow
It is dancing around the May Pole in the moon's bright light
It is laying on the trampoline, surrounded by grandchildren
Picking out with them the point of light I will be - when I die
It is holding hands with my husband
It is watching young ones cast their first circle
And knowing in that moment in time - the circle will never end
Knowing that my path is forever with the Lord and Lady
That They are part of the whole of me

So what path am I
All and none, the one perfect for me